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Our clinic is located at 1008 RR 620 South, Suite 200 at the intersection of 620 and Lakeway Blvd. View map


Bee Caves Family Practice

Bee Caves Family Practice offers our patients online forms, so you can complete them in the convenience of your own home or our office.

New Patients

  • Please read all forms carefully.
  • Complete all fillable forms.
  • Email completed forms at least two hours before your appointment to This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. or fax to (512) 402-9057.
  • You will need to bring with you your ID and current insurance card(s).
  • Please arrive 15 minutes before your appointment time (or 60 minutes early if forms were not sent prior).
  • Be prepared to pay your copay and deductible amounts at check-in. 
  • New Patient Forms

Patient Forms

Insurance and Hospital Affiliations


Plan Name Accepting new patients? Network
Aetna Yes  
Assurant Yes  
BeechStreet Yes  
Blue Cross Blue Shield Yes  
Cigna Yes  
Great-West Yes  
Humana Yes  
Medicare Yes  
Most Other Insurances Accepted Yes  
Multiplan Yes Out of Network
Pacificare Yes  
PHCS Yes Out Of Network
Principal Life Yes  
Seton CHIP No In Network
Tricare Yes  
Unicare Yes  
United Healthcare Yes  

Hospital Affiliations

Lakeway Regional Medical Center
St. David's Healthcare System

Lab Results

Bee Caves Family PracticeLaboratory results may be accessed through our secure patient portal located on our website. Test results are typically available within 5 – 14 days for routine tests and 3-4 weeks for advanced testing. If it is past these time limits and your test results are not listed, please email us using the Contact Us link on our website. Please include your name, birth date and type of testing. Our staff will respond to your email by the end of the next business day.

Medication Refills

To Refill Your Prescription

If your medication bottle indicates that your prescription has zero refills available, an office visit is required by your medical provider. For your convenience, you may request an appointment or you may call our office. All urgent refills will require an office visit. Please note: No refills will be processed after normal business hours.

To have your prescription sent to a mail-order pharmacy, Contact Us. In your email, please include full name, DOB, medication name and mail-order pharmacy. We will notify you when your prescription has been sent. Please allow 3 business days for processing.

Prior Authorizations

When you go to your local pharmacy to pick up your prescription, the pharmacist may tell you it is ready, BUT your insurance company will not pay for it because it needs prior authorization. Sometimes the pharmacy may tell you that your doctor’s office needs to “authorize the medication”.

Hopefully, the pharmacist explains to you why your medicine needs a “prior authorization” and that it is your insurance company delaying you receiving your medication. Often you may leave the pharmacy not knowing what to do or when you will be able to get your medicine.

Understanding ambiguous terms, such as prior authorization, is one of many problems our patients have when dealing with their insurance company and their changing medication formularies. Do you remember reading about prior authorization in your health insurance policy?  Did you have trouble understanding why this authorization is needed?

Here are answers to some of the most commonly asked questions about prior authorizations. You should find this information helpful next time your medicine needs a prior authorization.

What is a prior authorization?

A prior authorization is an extra step that many insurance companies require before they decide if they want to pay for your medicine.

What medicines require a prior authorization?

  • Brand-name medicines that have a generic alternative available. A generic medicine is a medicine that contains the same active ingredient as the brand name drug but is available at a lower cost. 
  • Expensive medicines
  • Medicines with age limits. Retin-A®, a topical acne treatment, is an example. Acne is considered to be a condition of children and young adults. Retin-A® may not be covered if the person is over a certain age. This age can vary and is usually determined by the insurance company.
  • Drugs used for cosmetic reasons
  • Drugs prescribed to treat a non-life threatening medical condition. These drugs are usually not needed to maintain life. Some examples are erectile dysfunction drugs such as Viagra® and Cialis®. 
  • Drugs not usually covered by the insurance company, but said to be medically necessary by the doctor. Many different drugs can be used to treat the same condition. If a patient requires a particular medicine, the doctor must inform the insurance company that there are not other less expensive medicines that would work in the patient. 
  • Drugs that are usually covered by the insurance company but are being used at a dose higher than “normal”

What should I expect if my medicine needs a prior authorization? 

If your insurance company requires a prior authorization on one of your medicines, it usually means the insurance company needs more information before they can decide if they want to pay it.

Becoming familiar with the prior authorization process may enable you to get your medicine approved faster. But beware, not all medicines will be approved. Even if you do everything right, the insurance company may still refuse to cover your medicine. In the end, the insurance company is the one making the decision.

What should I do if my medicine needs a prior authorization?

If the pharmacist tells you that your medicine requires a prior authorization then you should:

  • Ask the pharmacist if they are creating and sending a Prior Authorization Request to the doctor who prescribed the medicine to let them know that your insurance company requires this for your medication?.
  • Contact your insurance company and make sure there are no additional steps you need to take. Sometimes an insurance company may want you to fill out a form.
  • Allow the doctor and insurance company enough time to process the Prior Authorization with your insurance company. (Your Insurance company may take 2-3 days to approve or deny a Prior Authorization for your medication.) 
  • Check back with the pharmacy to see if the prior authorization was approved.
  • If your medicine is not approved, contact your insurance company to determine why.

What are some of the reasons why a prior authorization may not be approved?

  • Your insurance denied your prior authorization claim
  • You may not have provided your insurance company, doctor, and pharmacist enough time to complete the necessary steps.
  • Your pharmacy may not be “billing” your insurance company properly. Sometimes when billing for a medicine that needs a prior authorization, a special billing code is needed. The pharmacy could have received an incorrect prior authorization code.


So you made it through the prior authorization process?

It’s over, right? Perhaps!

The process may need to be renewed each year, or possibly more frequently depending on your insurance company or plan.

Remember: Always be patient and tolerant with everyone working on your behalf. And don’t give up.

Referrals to a Specialist

If your insurance requires a referral to see a specialist, please Contact Us. In your email, please include your full name, DOB, specialist name, office location with phone number and the reason for your referral. When authorization is received, we will send the referral directly to your specialist. Their office will then call you to schedule your appointment. Please allow 3 business days for processing.

Secure Communication with our Office

To better serve our patients, this office has established a Patient Portal for secure messaging with our office. To access the portal, click the "Patient Portal" tab on our website and enter your login and password. (To set up your login and password or for login assistance, please call our office.) Secure messages sent to our office should receive a response within two business days. Should you require urgent or immediate attention, please call our office directly.

Use the Patient Portal to message us about:

    • Appointment scheduling
    • Billing or insurance questions
    • Updates to demographic or insurance information
    • Updates to your family or personal medical history
    • General medical questions
    • Other concerns or comments

(For prescription refill requests – please contact your pharmacy or schedule an appointment.)

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